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Nissan Armada BCI Malfunction

Nissan Armada BCI Malfunction – How To Fix


Is your Nissan Armada receiving a BCI malfunction warning?  Not sure what it means or what to do next? Don’t worry! This article is for you. We’ll explain what a BCI malfunction is, why it’s important, and how you can fix it. Keep reading to learn more.

If you’ve purchased or leased a defective car under warranty, you may be entitled to compensation. contact Cali Lemon Lawyers for a free case consultation.

What is a BCI?

BCI is an abbreviation for Back-up Collision Intervention, and is a system that helps drivers avoid accidents by detecting rear obstacles.

When there’s a danger of collision with an object behind the vehicle or with a car approaching from the side, this system gives both a visual and audible warning to the driver. If the driver continues to reverse in those circumstances, in addition to the initial visible and auditory indication, the system automatically activates brakes for a moment to assist the driver avoid a collision.

what is BCI

BCI Malfunction Issues

When a BCI malfunction occurs, drivers have reported experiencing the following issues

  1. “Having to turn the engine off and fire it up again”: In some cases, when a BCI malfunction occurs, drivers have found themselves in a situation where they must completely turn off the engine and then restart it in order to address the issue.
  2. “Everything on the cluster goes crazy”: Drivers have reported instances where the BCI malfunction causes erratic behavior on the dashboard cluster. This may include sudden fluctuations in readings, flickering lights, or unpredictable movements of indicators.
  3. “Brakes start to automatically apply repeatedly”: Another alarming consequence of a BCI malfunction is the unexpected activation of the brakes without driver input. This repetitive and involuntary braking poses a significant safety concern, potentially leading to accidents or sudden stops.
  4. “Happens when you change lanes or make a turn without using a turn signal”: Some drivers have noticed that BCI malfunctions tend to occur specifically when they attempt to change lanes or make turns without properly using the turn signal. This suggests a possible correlation between certain driving actions and the occurrence of BCI issues.
  5. “Occurring at least once a day”: The frequency of BCI malfunctions has been particularly troubling, with drivers experiencing these issues at least once per day. This high rate of occurrence adds to the frustration and potential risks associated with BCI malfunction.
  6. “Couldn’t get the vehicle to start”: In more severe cases, the BCI malfunction has rendered the vehicle completely unresponsive, preventing drivers from starting their vehicles altogether. This complete failure to initiate the engine further emphasizes the urgent need to address these BCI malfunctions.

Why This Matters

If your vehicle experiences a BCI system malfunction, it should be addressed immediately. Your chances of getting into an accident increase significantly for the reasons mentioned above. Additionally, many of the vehicles reported to have having these issues are still under warranty and should be covered by the manufacturer.

If you’ve purchased or leased a defective 2017-2022 Nissan Armada in California, contact Cali Lemon Lawyers for a free case consultation. You may be entitled to compensation.

Which Nissan Armada Models Develop BCI Malfunctions?

Nissan models with BCI

BCI malfunctions have been most commonly reported in 2017, 2018 and 2019 Nissan Armadas. Problems drivers have been experiencing have been them same across all models.

How Do I Fix or Address the BCI Malfunction?

Try Cleaning The Sonar Sensor Box

Fix BCI Malfunction

The sonar sensor can be located behind the front bumper. It looks like a box and if it gets obstructed in anyway (Mud, road debris, water, etc.) it can block the sensor and cause the malfunction.

Contact Your Dealership and/or Nissan

contact Nissan

Take your car into the dealership to see if they can find the root cause of the issue.  If they can’t, you’ll also want to reach out to Nissan regarding the issue (keep clear documentation).

One driver reported escalating the problem to Nissan North American after experiencing the issue 4 times with no help from the dealership.  They were pointed right back to the dealership and the owner was forced to file a lemon law claim.

Which leads us to our next option:

Contact a Lemon Law Attorney

lemon law attorney

If you’ve taken your car in for a repair, and are still experiencing problems with your Nissan Armada, a lemon law attorney can help you receive compensation at no cost to you.  Regardless of whether or not the BCI Malfunction persists, if your car is still having issues and is under warranty hiring a lemon lawyer is your best bet.

When it comes to lemon lawyers, they focus on helping you with legal situations involving faulty or poor products. So, for example, if the backup collision intervention caused severe damage to your vehicle or a hospital visit, you could sue with a lemon lawyer.

Cali Lemon Lawyers Can Help

We understand that dealing with a lemon car can be an immensely frustrating experience. Our lemon law attorneys have significant experience with successful claims against Nissan. Our promise is to be helpful, informative, and straightforward throughout the process.

We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t owe us any legal fees unless we successfully help you obtain a refund. See if you prequalify in five minutes or less!

If you’re still having car problems after two or more repair attempts, our law office will do everything it can to get you a replacement vehicle or your money back. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Final Comments

If you own a 2017-2022 Nissan Armada, you have a few options to deal with your backup collision intervention system (BCI). We recommend addressing the issue by first cleaning your sonar sensor box.  If that doesn’t work, take it into the dealer for a repair, and if your still having issues with your car – contact an experienced lemon law attorney who can help.

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