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lemon law for leased cars in California

Lemon Law for Leased Cars in California

| by Michelle Yang, Esq.

Having problems with your leased car? Was the car under warranty when you were experiencing those problems? Our team of lemon law attorneys at Cali Lemon Lawyers has helped thousands of consumers who’ve had the misfortune of leasing a car that has been plagued with repeated issues. 

If you’ve leased a defective car, the California Lemon Law provides you with certain protections. With these protections, you could be entitled to a refund or replacement for your leased vehicle.

In this article, we summarize California’s lemon law and provide you with actionable steps you can take if you think your leased car is a lemon. We’ll help you determine if your car is a lemon and give you everything you need to know to file a claim under the Lemon Law for leased cars in California.

If your leased car is a lemon, our law firm can help get you the maximum compensation deserved at no cost to you. Call the number above now or fill out the form below for a free consultation.

Is Your Leased Car a Lemon?

The Specific Law Protecting Leased Car Owners

Understanding the California Lemon Law involves navigating through a maze of legal frameworks. We have included these laws with the pertinent information for your reference below:

The Uniform Commercial Code: Defines a lemon as any product, including vehicles, with defects that impair its value and usability due to poor workmanship or defective materials.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act:Federally regulates written warranties on consumer products, safeguarding buyers against deceptive warranty practices.

The California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act: Ensures manufacturers provide sufficient repair facilities or replacement products during the warranty period.

Is Your Leased Car a Lemon?

What Is California's Lemon Law For Leased Cars?

Is your car spending more time at the repair shop than on the road? If you leased a car, new or used, and it’s persistently having problems, you may find relief under the California Lemon Law. A car might be considered a “lemon” if:

  • It is under the manufacturer’s original warranty.
  • The defects notably impair its safety, value, or use.
  • After a reasonable number of repair attempts (2 or more), the issues continue.
  • It’s been out of service for over 30 days (not necessarily consecutive) due to warranty repairs.

If the vehicle is not under warranty or is leased “as is,” it doesn’t qualify as a lemon. Additionally, the issues with the vehicle must not be a direct result of improper care. 

Steps to Qualify Your Leased Car as a Lemon in California

How Can a Leased Car Qualify as a Lemon?

Here’s a simple step by step to qualify your leased car as a lemon and receive compensation:

1. Confirm Your Car is Under Warranty

Ensure that your car is still within the manufacturer’s warranty period. The Lemon Law generally applies to issues that happen while the car is under warranty.

2. Document Everything

Maintain a thorough record of all repair attempts, including invoices, orders, and any communication regarding your car’s issues and fixes.

3. Number of Repair Attempts

The California Lemon Law requires specific attempts at repair to deem a car a lemon:

  • Two attempts for life-threatening issues.
  • Four attempts for the same recurring issue.
  • Or, if the car has been in the repair shop for over 30 days total.

4. Consult a Lemon Law Lawyer

Cali Lemon Lawyers has experience filing over 40,000 claims. Use that to your advantage! We can guide you through the necessary steps, ensuring all actions align with legal requirements and optimizing your chances of a favorable outcome.

How To File a Lemon Law Claim for Your Leased Car

How To File a Lemon Law Claim for Your Leased Car

There are certain things you need to do to file a successful lemon law claim, including:

1. Contact the Manufacturer

Your attorney will draft and send a communication to the manufacturer detailing the ongoing issues and invoking your rights under the Lemon Law. They will include all pertinent documentation and request a response within an established time frame.

2. Demand a Replacement or Refund

If the manufacturer fails to rectify the issue post-communication, your attorney will assist you in proceeding with a Lemon Law case, whereby they’ll advocate for a new vehicle or a refund of your lease payments.

3. File a Lemon Law Claim

Your lawyer will initiate a Lemon Law claim, ensuring all documentation, correspondences, and details of repair attempts and issues are meticulously presented.

4. Navigate Arbitration or Court if Necessary

Should the manufacturer dispute your claim, your attorney will guide you through arbitration or court proceedings, defending your rights, and striving to achieve a fair resolution.

5. Get Your Replacement or Refund

In a successful claim, your lawyer will aid you in determining whether a new car or a refund is in your best interest, and will assist in recovering costs incurred due to the problematic vehicle.

Walking through the lemon qualification steps might seem like a lot, but keeping good records and getting a good lawyer can really help.

Keep Records of Everything

Get Help With Your Leased Lemon

Having a lemon car can be tough. Fortunately, California’s Lemon Law are very favorable to the consumer. If your leased vehicle is spending more time in the shop than on the road, it might be a lemon. Follow the steps we covered above and consider a free consultation with our experienced lemon law attorneys who can help navigate through the process. Learn your rights and get the help you need with leased car lemon law in California.  Contact us for a completely free case evaluation today!

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