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Ram eTorque Problems: 2019-2023 Models

Ram eTorque Problems: 2019-2024 Models

| by Michelle Yang, Esq.

eTorque is a vehicle feature that works to assist the engine’s functionality and to improve overall fuel economy for enhanced vehicle performance.

While the Ram 1500 eTorque system is considered a revolutionary technology, it does come with some downsides that impact vehicle performance negatively.

In this article, we will unpack the most common Ram eTorque problems that have been found in 2019-2023 Ram 1500 truck models.

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How The Ram eTorque System Works

How The Ram eTorque System Works

The Ram truck is equipped with a mild hybrid eTorque system. It works as a renewing braking system that racks up the power in the braking system whenever you brake or come to a stop at a traffic signal. It is a motor generator built into the belt that is replaced with the alternator in the truck’s engine.

The eTorque system provides electricity to a customized mixed metal battery which gives off a 48-volt current when the engine is going. The engine automatically shuts on and off whenever the vehicle brakes or stops, improving performance and mileage.

Most Common Ram eTorque Problems

Ram 1500 eTorque system problems can lead to an increased potential for accidents and injuries. Some of the most recurrent 2019-2023 Ram eTorque problems include:

  • Abrupt engine shut-off
  • Automatic emergency brake activation
  • Sudden system failure
  • eTorque only works when the AC or ventilated seats are off
  • Faulty oil pump
  • Wrong battery voltage reading
  • Cylinder head failures
  • Rocker arm problems
  • Cooling system problems

2019 Ram eTorque Problems

2019 Ram eTorque Problems

Some of the common problems found in the 2019 Ram 1500 eTorque system include:

1. Abrupt engine shut-off

2. Car suddenly stops working

Abrupt engine shut-off

In 2019, one of the most alarming issues that users reported was an abrupt engine shut-off. This sudden malfunction manifested itself during both high-speed freeway drives and slower-paced urban cruises. Most mechanics and experts have attributed this disturbing behavior predominantly to faulty batteries or inherent issues within the eTorque system itself.

The car suddenly stops working

Another major problem observed was the complete and unexpected cessation of the vehicle’s functions. Predominantly, this could be traced back to a defective battery, certain eTorque system malfunctions, or complications within the broader electrical system of the vehicle.

2020 Ram eTorque Problems

2020 Ram eTorque Problems

Some common Ram eTorque problems found in the 2020 model include:

1. eTorque not working when using the AC system or ventilated seats

2. Incorrect battery voltage reading

Issue when using AC or ventilated seats

By 2020, while some problems persisted, new ones emerged. A particularly frustrating glitch was the eTorque system’s tendency to malfunction when either the AC system or the ventilated seats were actively in use. Interestingly, this was not a hardware issue but a software glitch within the eTorque system. Dealers and service centers began recommending a system software update to alleviate this glitch.

Incorrect battery voltage reading

Another software-related concern was the system’s proclivity to give incorrect battery voltage readings, which again required a software fix to address.

Solving this problem might seem easy, but expect it to take some days. Get in touch with your Ram dealer for the best fix instead of taking your truck to the mechanic. Patience will be required while the dealer works on fixing the problem.

2021 Ram eTorque Problems

2021 Ram eTorque Problems

Common eTorque problems found in the 2021 Ram model include the following:

1. A faulty oil pump

2. Cooling system problems

3. Rocker arm problems

4. Cylinder head failure

Faulty oil pump

There were widespread reports of faulty oil pumps. Such malfunctions deprived the engine of essential lubrication, leading to a hazardous scenario where the engine could lose its oil pressure. If not addressed promptly, this could cascade into significant engine damage. But the oil pump wasn’t the sole concern.

Cooling system problems

Many users reported cooling system inefficiencies, which if left unchecked, could result in the engine overheating, leading to potential engine failure.

Rocker arm problems

Additionally, the wear and tear on rocker arms became a noted issue, causing the engine to misfire and leading to other cascading complications, including poor fuel consumption.

Cylinder head failure

One of the most severe issues that cropped up was the cylinder head failure, a critical malfunction that in the worst cases required a full engine replacement.

A fix is to contact an experienced mechanic or to take your truck to your Ram dealer for further diagnostics and to solve the issue. Engine problems cannot be easily fixed through simple DIY.

2022 Ram eTorque Problems

2022 Ram eTorque Problems

By 2022, some of the previous issues like the abrupt engine shut-off still persisted. Similar to the 2019 model, the engine’s unexpected shut-offs were primarily a result of battery issues or eTorque system glitches, surfacing during both high-speed and low-speed drives. Another significant issue was the unexpected activation of the emergency brake. Though conceived as a safety feature, its unwarranted activation, especially during high speeds or sharp turns, could be both startling and potentially hazardous.

2023 Ram eTorque Problems

In 2023, the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), a critical component, began exhibiting software issues. These malfunctions caused the engine to stall or experience sudden losses of power. Recognizing the severity of the issue, Ram took corrective action by issuing recalls. Affected vehicles were routed to dealerships, where the PCM software was updated at no extra charge to the owners. Another recurring problem from the past was the cooling system inefficiencies. Like in previous years, these issues threatened to cause significant engine damage through overheating if not swiftly addressed.

How eTorque issues were addressed by Ram

Following the company’s discovery that the eight-cylinder engine in affected 1500 trucks was susceptive to an engine shut-down from an over-rich fuel state, it began to investigate the problem in January 2023. Ram established that the root cause of the problem was the truck’s powertrain control module software that needed updating. The company was expected to reach out to Ram owners and dealerships from June 2, 2023, to provide free software updates to affected truck owners.

Ram eTorque Recalls

2019-2022 Ram 1500 Truck models were the most affected by the eTorque system defect. Ram issued a recall of over 131,000 Ram 1500 trucks equipped with the V8-electric eTorque mild-hybrid powertrain built from June 3, 2020, to September 12, 2021. If you are a Ram owner with a truck manufactured between these dates, you will need to take your vehicle to a local Ram dealership for a free software update and any warranty repairs.

Legal remedies for owners of problematic Ram eTorque vehicles

If you find yourself struggling with repeated eTorque issues, even after multiple repairs under warranty, your Ram truck could be a lemon car that qualifies for a Lemon Law Claim with Cali Lemon Lawyers. Cali Lemon Lawyers can help you navigate the warranty claim process and get you compensated according to your Lemon Law rights.

In Closing

The Ram 1500 truck is prone to a variety of eTorque problems identified in their 2019 to 2022 models, the most significant being abrupt engine shut down which causes a stalling issue.

Ram owners need to monitor their eTorque systems thoroughly and ensure they understand their lemon law rights when it comes to defects in the eTorque function for warranty claims. Contact Cali Lemon Lawyers for claims related to Ram 1500 eTorque problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ram eTorque reliable?

The Ram eTorque system is generally reliable, but there have been some reported problems with certain model years. The most common problems include abrupt engine shut-off, sudden system failure, and eTorque battery issues. Ram has issued recalls for some of these problems, and the company is working to improve the reliability of the eTorque system.

Does Ram eTorque have problems?

Yes, there have been some reported problems with the Ram eTorque system. The most common problems include:

  • Abrupt engine shut-off: This can occur at both highway speeds and low speeds. It is often caused by a faulty battery or a problem with the eTorque system itself.
  • Sudden system failure: This can happen without warning, and it can leave the truck without power.
  • eTorque battery issues: The 12-volt eTorque battery can drain rapidly, causing the system to fail.
  • Cooling system problems: The eTorque system can put extra strain on the cooling system, which can lead to overheating.
  • Cylinder head failure: This is a serious problem that can require the entire engine to be replaced.

How long will eTorque last?

The lifespan of the Ram eTorque system will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Good maintenance: Regular maintenance, such as oil changes and fluid checks, can help to extend the life of the system.
  • Driving conditions: Harsh driving conditions, such as stop-and-go traffic or towing heavy loads, can put extra stress on the system and shorten its lifespan.
  • Quality of components: The quality of the system’s components can also affect its lifespan.

Ram battery drain

Another common eTorque problem has to do with the 12-volt eTorque battery that generates the system. The battery can drain rapidly, causing the system to fail. Battery replacement is necessary in this case.


If you are experiencing any problems with your Ram eTorque system, it is important to have it checked by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and repair can help to prevent more serious problems and extend the life of the system.

Here are some tips to help you prevent eTorque problems:

  • Keep your battery properly maintained.
  • Avoid using the AC system or ventilated seats for extended periods of time when the engine is idling.
  • Get your truck’s oil changed regularly.
  • Have the cooling system flushed and refilled every few years.
  • Inspect the rocker arms and cylinder heads for signs of wear or damage.

By following these tips, you can help keep your Ram truck running smoothly and prevent eTorque problems.


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