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Ford Edge Coolant Leak Recall


Many people have complained about issues with their Ford Edge, and most of them have mentioned that they’re having coolant liquid leak into one of their vehicle’s cylinders. If that’s the case, you might want to know more about the Ford Edge recalls and how you can benefit from the lemon law.

Are There Any Recalls on Ford Edge?

The Ford motor company is one of the most famous car brands in the world. However, that doesn’t mean it’s flawless. There have been many people complaining about similar issues with the Ford Edge.

Customers have complained and contacted the Ford customer service, and most of them say the same thing: there’s a leak on the inside of the vehicle that’s affecting it. Experts recommend that customers notify the Ford motor company as soon as possible once they identify an issue. These problems are not always simple and could cause dangerous consequences. If the leak inside it is left unfixed, it could cause problems with the engine and cause a rear-drive axle seizure.

In some cases, clients have said that their vehicles are below the minimum lubricant fill level, or that experts reported some brake fluid loss, which can also be extremely dangerous. Without brakes, vehicle control is impossible, and the driver could crash and get hurt, even if they use seat belts.

If you leased or purchased a defective Ford Edge it is very likely that you are entitled to compensation.  Contact Cali Lemon Lawyers for a free case evaluation.

What Is the Most Common Problem with a Ford Edge?

The most common problem with the Ford Edge is having a content leak into the cylinder.

Clients who call Ford’s number and get their vehicle inspected often find out that there’s an inadequate amount of coolant in the cylinder, and that some Axles found to have lubricant below the minimum level.

In some cases, the vehicle has lubricant in the rear-drive unit as well, which could cause you to lose control. If you’re not careful, you could crash.

Many clients argue that Ford needs to notify owners of what’s going on, so each person can inspect their specific vehicle and determine if they’re having brake fluid loss, rear-drive unit problems, or coolant in the third cylinder. Since owners may have more than one problem, determining what’s going on with is vital, especially if you want to be safe while you’re driving.

Other Ford Models With Problems

The Edge is not the only model that’s having problems. The Ford Escape has presented some issues as well, especially with the front brake hoses. People who have affected vehicles should contact Ford customer service and give their vehicle identification number (VIN) to their local dealer.

Ford dealers are aware of the problems, so you should take advantage of that and get your vehicle inspected if you start having issues. Don’t wait until you’re in danger to get your Escape or Edge checked out.

The Ford motor company is known for offering customers high-quality vehicles, but there have been many problems with specific models, and you should never risk your life.

Issues with Ford Bronco Sport Vehicles

Bronco Sport models have also had different issues, just like the Edge and the Escape. If you take a look at some news, you might notice that Ford is recalling certain vehicles, probably because of the many issues clients have had.

Buying a Bronco might be what you always wanted, but you could be one of the people that have issues. At the same time, even though Ford is not recalling all vehicles, the company sent owner notification letters to inform clients that they can take their vehicles to get them checked, and some repairs are free of charge.

When you have a Bronco, the last thing you want is to take it to the repair shop. However, sometimes it’s necessary. Furthermore, you must take your vehicle to an authorized dealer, otherwise, you’re responsible for anything that happens to it.

Once you bring your vehicle to an authorized dealer, you could receive a notice because Ford is recalling certain vehicles. Getting the notice could cause some anxiety, but you shouldn’t worry – the most important thing is that the manufacturer identified the problem, they’re going to fix it, and you don’t have to pay anything.

After that, you must make a service appointment with a dealer that sells the type of vehicle you have. You don’t need to take it to the exact same place where you bought it, but you should make sure that they sell Ford vehicles.

How You Can Check if Your Ford Edge Has a Recall

Even though Ford representatives have chosen to notify owners about the issues, Ford is recalling certain vehicles, not all of them. Therefore, you must identify if yours is recalled or not, and you might not know how to do that.

A recall happens when either the manufacturer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (also known as the NHTSA) identifies a safety risk with a vehicle. The risk does not allow the mentioned vehicle to comply with the minimum safety standard, for example, the Edge is having issues with the driver’s seat belt retractor, which may not function properly during a crash.

If the driver’s seat belt retractor doesn’t work when you’re in a crash, you could get serious injuries, which is why you and all owners may contact Ford to get their recall information. Furthermore, you could check the NHTSA website to see if your vehicle has any open recalls.

The seatbelt assembly problem is not the only one these vehicles are having, so you should get yours checked out as soon as you can. Even though it’s a daunting process, if you get Ford’s number and the company is recalling your vehicle, you could be able to get it fixed without paying anything, and you would be safe while you’re on the road.

Having open recalls means that your vehicle is included in the ones Ford is recalling. Nonetheless, to make sure, you can either check the NHTSA website, get Ford’s number and contact customer service, or check the NHTSA’s social media accounts (mostly Facebook and Twitter), as recalls usually appear there as well.

If you have any further questions, you can always contact Ford customer service to get more information. Another option is to go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website and plug in your car’s vehicle identification number, which allows you to see if your car has any recalls or not.

You Can Contact Ford Customer Service

After many people reported the coolant liquid leaking into the cylinder, the Ford company started receiving multiple complaints, so if you’re having any issues, you can contact customer service.

Since some vehicles fail to comply with the minimum safety requirements, owners may contact Ford, and even tell the customer service staff about the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration campaign number (20V469000), which might help the person determine if they have any recalls or not.

You should be safe while you’re driving, and you shouldn’t have to pay to repair issues that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. If you’re having coolant liquid leak into your third cylinder, get Ford’s number as soon as you can, find out if your vehicle has any recalls, and try to get it fixed.


Ford is very famous for its high-quality vehicles, but Edge, Escape, Bronco, and other owners have reported many issues. There haven’t been recalls on all of them, but the company is recalling certain models. If you’re having problems and you need help from an experienced legal team, contact Cali Lemon Lawyers for a free consultation today!

  • My Ford Edge has that coolant leek. I’ve been told my long block needs replacement because of this leek. They want to charge me $8,900. basically replace the motor. I bought the 3 years ago and still owe $10,000.00 on it. I feel so ripped off. I’ve been reading how many others are in my position and something should be done. This isn’t fair.

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