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Is Jeep Death Wobble Covered By Warranty?

Is Jeep Death Wobble Covered By Warranty?

Does your Jeep warranty cover the notorious ‘death wobble’? Understanding the conditions that lead to the death wobble, how to identify it, and the specifics of the Jeep warranty can help provide a definitive answer.

This article will explore warranty coverage for the Jeep death wobble and what to look out for to understand whether or not you’re covered under warranty.

If you’ve purchased or leased a defective Jeep with signs of the death wobble, we can help you receive compensation at no cost to you. Contact Cali Lemon Lawyers today for Jeep Lemon Law information! ¿Hablas Español? Contáctenos ahora para recibir más información.

Warranty Coverage for Jeep Owners

The “Jeep death wobble” is a phenomenon often experienced when a Jeep encounters a bump or pothole at speeds over 45 mph, leading to a violent shaking of the vehicle. The primary concern here is whether this issue is covered by a warranty.

The warranty’s applicability hinges on the root cause of the wobble.

When the Jeep Death Wobble is Covered by Warranty

When the Jeep Death Wobble is Covered by Warranty

In scenarios where the wobble originates from a faulty suspension or compromised steering components, it’s typically viewed as a manufacturing defect. Such defects are generally covered under the Jeep’s standard three-year, 36,000-mile basic warranty. The terms of this warranty state that the manufacturer should bear the repair cost for any failures arising from manufacturing flaws within this period.

When the Jeep Death Wobble is Not Covered by Warranty

On the contrary, if the wobble is triggered by factors not associated with manufacturing or design defects, it could be categorized as standard ‘wear and tear.’ In these instances, Jeep may opt not to cover the issue under the warranty. This could include situations resulting from inadequate maintenance, accidents, or improper modifications.

In the event that the death wobble falls outside the purview of the Jeep warranty, the vehicle owner would need to bear the repair expenses. Depending on the precise cause and labor rates, these costs generally range between $200 and $400. Understanding these nuances can aid Jeep owners in effectively navigating the issue of the death wobble and its potential impact on their vehicle warranty.

The Death Wobble Warranty Extension Settlement

The Death Wobble Warranty Extension Settlement

A recent Jeep “death wobble” class action lawsuit describes that 2018-2020 Jeep Wranglers and 2020 Jeep Gladiators have a mechanical flaw in the front suspension steering damper that is potentially dangerous for Jeep drivers. Other Jeep models are not exempt from experiencing the death wobble and also qualify for the warranty.

All affected vehicles are entitled to a warranty extension of up to eight years or 90,000 miles that will offer coverage for the repair and replacement of any suspension parts connected to the Jeep Death Wobble. These parts would include tie rods, ball joints, and control arms.

In addition to this, Jeep is also offering to pay attorney fees for affected Jeep owners and permit them to submit a claim for compensation for any paid repairs on their Jeep front suspension steering dampers.

Claims can be submitted through a reimbursement request form found here:

Filing a Warranty Claim for Jeep Death Wobble

To successfully file for the extended warranty claim offered in the Class Action Settlement, Jeep owners or lessees will need to ensure they have documented all the evidence and relevant information related to their death wobble repairs and payments. This evidence must point to issues experienced with their Jeep front suspension steering, causing the death wobble.

A Better Alternative

If you are experiencing the Death Wobble with your Jeep, you may be eligible to file a Lemon Law claim in California. Here’s a simplified guide to opting out of a lawsuit to pursue a Lemon Law claim, with a focus on contacting Cali Lemon Lawyers:

Consult a Lawyer

Consult a Lawyer

Reach out to Cali Lemon Lawyers for a consultation to understand your rights and options.

Opt-Out of Lawsuit

If you’re part of a class-action lawsuit, follow the instructions in the lawsuit notice to opt out, usually by submitting a written request to the court.

Gather Documents

Prepare your Jeep’s purchase documents, repair records, and any related correspondence.

Notify the Manufacturer

Send a written notice to the manufacturer, explaining the issue and requesting a final opportunity for them to repair the vehicle.

File a Lemon Law Claim

If the problem isn’t resolved, Cali Lemon Lawyers can help you file a formal Lemon Law claim.

Pursue the Claim

Your lawyers will guide you through the legal process, which may involve arbitration, mediation, or going to court.

Act Quickly

Lemon Law claims are time-sensitive. Cali Lemon Lawyers can help ensure you meet all the necessary deadlines.

The Role of Jeep Manufacturers In Warranty Claims

The Role of Jeep Manufacturers In Warranty Claims

Jeep manufacturers are expected to take authority and lead in the warranty claims process for vehicles with problems. According to California Lemon Law, manufacturers need to supply appropriate repair facilities, fix a vehicle that is under warranty, restore or redeem a vehicle if they cannot fix it, as well as finance the customer’s attorney costs.

Understanding The Jeep Death Wobble

What is the Jeep Death Wobble?

The “Death Wobble” will typically occur when your Jeep vehicle suddenly hits a bump at any speed but is more likely to occur at highway speeds. When this happens, the vehicle will begin to vibrate or shake violently, often leading drivers to panic. Since Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators come equipped with a solid front axle, this will make them more prone to the death wobble.

A major disadvantage to solid front axles is that, should one wheel bump into something, it can throw both the front wheels off balance, leading to a failed front suspension damper, especially if anything is unsecured or in poor condition. This issue can cause violent shaking and the steering wheel will sway back and forth uncontrollably.

Symptoms and Causes of the Jeep Death Wobble

The death wobble can be caused by loose or damaged steering components or steering and suspension parts that are not properly installed. The following components can cause a death wobble to occur:

Front track bar

Ball joints

Drag Link/Tie rod ends

Upper control arms

Lower control arms

Suspension bushings

Steering stabilizer

Steering knuckles

You will know you are experiencing a death wobble if your Jeep reacts in the following ways:

You will know you are experiencing a death wobble if your Jeep reacts in the following ways

The steering wheel becomes hard to control due to the vehicle shaking uncontrollably.

You will struggle to keep the vehicle straight even while attempting to turn the steering wheel slightly to the left or right.

Your Jeep’s wheel alignment will be off and the tires will have rough wear from long drives.

You will notice loud thudding noises underneath your Jeep on bumpy roads.

Your suspension parts such as the ball joints, tie rods, and drag links will not be secured properly.

Fixes for the Jeep Death Wobble

Front Track Bar – The first thing to check is the front track bar. If you find that the bar is not secured properly or is broken, then it could be causing your Jeep to death wobble. Visually check the mounting parts and bushings, and use a torque wrench to secure the bolts and ensure they are at about 125lbs/ft.

Ball Joints – To inspect the ball joints, a jack can be used to lift up the front wheel to attempt to move it with your hands. The amount of “give” will indicate if the ball joint is bad or not. If it is bad, it will need to be replaced.

Tie Rods – If your front tires are already lifted up from checking the ball joints, have someone help you by moving the wheel to and fro while you observe the tie rods. If the ends jiggle and the rodd do not move, they will need to be replaced too.

Wheel Bearing – If your wheel bearings are worn out, this will cause a death wobble. With the front wheel still lifted, grab the top and bottom of the tire and try to jiggle or move it. If you notice some motion or pick up on a knocking sound, then your wheel bearing is likely off.

Will A Jeep Dealership Fix The Death Wobble?

The problem is easy to detect but there is no straightforward way to fix it. Mechanics will likely check your wheel alignment, steering components, ball joints, and other front axle suspension components and attempt to get them back in place securely. Dealerships may also offer to install a steering dampener as a fix. This may or may not fix the issue entirely to which you can then look into filing a warranty claim.

Preventative Measures for Jeep Owners

As a Jeep owner, knowing that your vehicle is prone to mechanical defects such as the death wobble, should prompt you to always ensure you do regular maintenance checks and inspections. Having your Jeep checked for any irregularities in your front suspension can save you from experiencing the death wobble firsthand. It can allow you to act swiftly in getting the necessary repairs to avoid the death wobble and can likely save you money when issues are attended to earlier rather than later when the damage is more significant and costly.

Claiming Your Warranty

The Jeep death wobble can be a dangerous mechanical failure for Jeep drivers on the road. Issues surrounding certain components of the front suspension system of Jeep vehicles, can send your car into frightening uncontrollable shaking and steering difficulties which are potentially dangerous and risky.

Jeep owners and lessees are entitled to an extended warranty with the necessary benefits to cover and compensate them for expenses related to their death wobble problems and repairs.

Do not hesitate to contact Cali Lemon Lawyers if you’re experiencing the Jeep death wobble. Allow us to provide you with the legal guidance and support you need during this challenging time. Remember, as a Jeep owner or lessee, you have rights, and we’re here to help you uphold them.

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