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Honda Problems?

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Vehicle Refunds, Replacements and Cash
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Honda Lemon Law

Receive Payment for Your Defective Honda

Hondas are some of the most highly desired and appreciated cars in the United States. Why so? This is because Honda has a fantastic reputation for creating long lasting and high quality vehicles. Their cars are recognized for providing a great driving experience at an affordable price. Unfortunately, not all Honda customers feel this way, as there are always honda vehicles that qualify as lemons on the road. If you own or lease a new or used Honda and have dealt with numerous repairs at the repair shop, your car is almost certainly a lemon. Not to worry! State and federal lemon laws give consumers protection if they buy or lease a Honda that turns out to be a lemon. 

If you have car problems because you purchased a lemon, we will do everything in our power to get your money back. Contact us now to learn more.

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Honda Lemon Law statistics

Honda Lemon Law: Everything You Need To Know

Receive Payment for Your Defective Honda

Often, people end up buying defective vehicles which puts a strain on their finances and other aspects of their lives. These defective vehicles are commonly called “lemons.”

Lemon laws are in place for consumer protection – to ensure that the buyer doesn’t bear the burden of fixing the defective vehicle.

These laws create a framework for resolution and outline the steps consumers can take if they find themselves with a lemon vehicle. 

It is important to keep in mind that lemon laws are not uniform in the United States. Instead, they are state-specific. Thus, what applies in Ohio’s lemon law would differ from California’s lemon law

At Cali Lemon, we understand the toll it can take on you as a person to realize that your brand-new car is defective. We have an excellent team of lemon law attorneys who would do everything in our power to get your money back. 

We’ve been in the game for years and have a 99% success rate. We also prioritize speed and ease for our clients. Contact us now to learn more!

In this article, we’ll be focusing on Honda lemon law. We will share tips on addressing issues if you end up with a faulty Honda vehicle. We will also highlight some recent Honda lemon law cases and give legal advice on the Honda lemon law process. 

Honda Lemon Law

Hondas are some of the most highly desired and appreciated cars in the United States. Why so? This is because Honda has a fantastic reputation for creating long lasting and high quality vehicles. Their cars are recognized for providing a great driving experience at an affordable price. Unfortunately, not all

Honda customers feel this way, as there are always Honda vehicles that qualify as lemons on the road. If you own or lease a new or used Honda and have dealt with numerous repairs at the repair shop, your car is almost certainly a lemon. Not to worry! State and federal lemon laws give consumers protection if they buy or lease a Honda that turns out to be a lemon. 

Honda lemon law buyback
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Recent Honda Lemon Law Cases

The following is a list of recent pre-qualified, retained or settled client complaints.

Vehicle YearMake & ModelReason For Each Visit
Honda Civic

1st Visit – The driver side stays locked when the car is on or off – had issues with door locks.

Honda Civic

1st Visit – The vehicle had issues with the light on adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation, road departure mitigation and hight beam – 4 visits were made for the mentioned problems. 

Honda HRV

1st Visit – The vehicle had electrical issues – repaired under warranty. 

3 visits were made for the same problem.

Honda Civic

1st Visit – The vehicle had transmission issue.

2nd Visit – Fixed transmission issue – paid by the insurance.

3rd Visit – Went in for service. Changed the engine.

Honda Accord

1st Visit – The vehicle had squeaky noise.

2nd VisitSqueaky noise again, bolts were tightened.

3rd VisitNoise again, bearing and strut issues.

Honda Pilot

1st Visit – The vehicle had speakers, meter and electrical issues – repairs made under warranty.

2nd VisitSoftware updates – done under warranty.

3rd Visit – Replaced dash harness under warranty.

Honda Accord

1st Visit – The vehicle had issues with system freezing after 2 months of purchasing the vehicle.

2nd Visit – Same issue persisted from the 1st visit – reset the system and updated it.

Honda CR-V

1st Visit – The vehicle had issues with check engine light and emission.

Honda Fit

1st Visit – The vehicle had issues with the fuel pump and had a recall – repairs made.

Honda Odyssey

1st Visit – The vehicle had issues with transmission, shifting and noise.

2nd VisitFuel pump was replaced.

Signs Your Honda Might Be a Lemon

Is your brand-new Honda vehicle a lemon? 

In this section, let’s look at some signs that your Honda might be a lemon. These are red flags that when detected early can help you take the right and necessary steps as a consumer. 

Frequent Issues and Visits To The Repair Shop

Today its engine malfunctions, tomorrow it’s transmission problems. If you find yourself making repeat visits to the repair shop for the same issue, it’s a red flag. Under the lemon law, the number of repair attempts is usually considered to determine eligibility.

In a lemon law claim, the cumulative times your Honda spends in the repair shop or any extended periods of service may strengthen your case. 

Unusual Noise

It’s highly uncomfortable driving a vehicle with unusual noise. If you hear pining or knocking sounds from your Honda vehicle, it may be a sign of underlying issues with the vehicle’s components like the engine. If it’s a squeaking or grinding sound, it’s an issue with the brakes. Such a problem might make a Honda lemon law case. 

Safety Concerns

If you’re experiencing any issue that compromises the safety of your Honda, it is a serious matter and can be a Honda lemon law case. It could be brakes or airbag issues. Safety-related issues are usually a high priority lemon law claim. 

What can you do? ….

Failure to Meet Mileage Expectations

A vehicle should perform as outlined in its specifications. When it falls short, it shows a defect in the vehicle’s overall functionality. If you experience such, you can file for a lemon law claim. 

Understanding California’s Lemon Law 

Key aspects of California’s lemon law are: 

California’s lemon law covers new and used vehicles that are sold with a written warranty. It also extends to motorcycles.

In California, you can file a lemon law claim for a vehicle that has been out of service for an extended period due to repair attempts. The number of attempts isn’t set as it varies depending on the nature of the problem. The state also considers its impact on the vehicle’s safety and usability. 

According to the California lemon law, you should notify the manufacturer if the vehicle classifies as a lemon. The manufacturer must have a chance to address the problems before you take any further action. 

If the issues persist despite several repair attempts, the buyer may be entitled to a refund or replacement vehicle as determined by the California lemon law.

You are entitled to seek legal representation if you think your vehicle is a lemon. Reach out to a qualified California lemon law attorney to guide you through the process. 

Manufacturers are prohibited from retaliating against consumers who pursue their rights under the California lemon law.

Honda Lemon Law Process

We assess your case.

We open a claim with Honda.

We stay in contact with you and update you along the way.

We conclude the claim with Honda.

You receive your check.

The Process of Filing a Honda Lemon Law Claim

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to filing a lemon law claim for your Honda Vehicle

Know Your State’s Lemon Law

We’ve already established that lemon law, including Honda lemon law differs with states. We’ve highlighted some key aspects of the California lemon law above. Familiarize yourself with the lemon law and understand the criteria for your vehicle to qualify as a lemon. It is the first thing to do before filing a claim. 

Document the Issues

Documentation is important to give more relevance to your case. You must keep detailed records of the problems you’re experiencing with your Honda. Your records should include the number of repair attempts and dates. It should also state the specific issues and any communications with the manufacturer. 

Reach Out to Honda

According to California’s lemon law, you should give Honda a chance to repair the vehicle before filing Honda lemon law claims. 

Give a Written Notification

If after Honda’s attempt at repairs and the issues persist, send them a written notice. It would come in handy to solidify your case if you file a lemon law case. The written notification should include the number of repair attempts and the defects noticed. 

Get a Lemon Law Attorney

If the issues are not resolved, it’s time to consult a lemon law lawyer or lemon law firm. A lemon law attorney is an expert in filling lemon law cases and would give you the best legal advice to guide you through the process. 

Gather Your Documents

Once you’ve engaged the services of a lemon law attorney, you need to have necessary documents ready. These documents include manufacturer’s warranty documents, purchase agreement, repair invoices, communication with manufacturer, etc. 

File the Lemon Law Claim

After gathering all the required documents, you will work with your lemon law attorney to file the lemon law claim against Honda. 

Contact us online or at (310) 627-2665 to learn more. We speak English, Spanish, and Korean.

Why Hire Cali Lemon Lawyers For Your Case Against Honda?

We understand that dealing with a lemon can be an immensely stressful ordeal. Our lemon law attorneys have significant experience with claims against Honda. Our promise is to be helpful, informative, and straightforward. We will be there throughout the duration of your case and will handle the legal aspects of your claim. You will always be kept in the loop and up to date on the process. We will never approve anything without your consent.

We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t owe us any legal fees unless we successfully help you obtain a refund. See if you prequalify in five minutes or less!

99% Success Rate
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Tips for a Smooth Lemon Law Experience

Here are some tips for a smooth lemon law experience: 

Work With an Attorney

Lemon law attorneys give guidance and ensure that you understand your lemon law rights. They ensure that you have a seamless process when filing a case if your vehicle qualifies as a lemon.

Maintain Open Communication

Keep communication lines open with the manufacturer and any legal representatives involved. It can lead to a more efficient resolution. 

Be Mindful of Deadlines

Timely action is essential in ensuring a successful resolution. You must be up-to-date and mindful of deadlines. 

Keep Emotions in Check

Understandably, you may feel frustrated or overwhelmed along the way. However, try to keep your emotions in check and maintain professionalism always.

Avoiding Lemon Law Issues with Honda

Here are some tips for prospective buyers to minimize the risk of encountering Honda lemon law issues:

Research the Vehicle’s Reliability

Before making a purchase, research the specific Honda models you’re interested in. Look for consumer reviews, ratings, and reliability scores. This information can provide insights into common issues reported by other owners.

Check for Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs)

Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website to check for any recalls or TSBs related to the Honda model you’re considering. Addressing potential safety or performance issues early can prevent future problems.

Review Warranty Coverage

Understand the terms of the car warranty. Take note of the duration and coverage, and be aware of any limitations. A clear understanding of the appropriate warranty can help if issues arise later.

Do Thorough Pre-Purchase Inspection

Before finalizing the purchase, have the vehicle inspected by a trusted mechanic. A thorough inspection can reveal potential issues that may not be apparent during a test drive.

Check Vehicle History Reports

Obtain a vehicle history report to check for any accidents, title issues, or odometer discrepancies. This report can provide valuable information about the vehicle’s past.

Test Drive the Honda Vehicles

Take the Honda for a comprehensive test drive. Pay attention to any unusual noises, vibrations, or handling issues. Test all features, including the electrical system, to ensure they function correctly.

Document the Purchase Process

Keep detailed records of the entire purchase process, including conversations with the seller, any warranties or guarantees provided, and any representations made about the vehicle.

Know Your Legal Rights:

Familiarize yourself with the lemon laws specific to your state. Knowing your rights can help you take appropriate legal action if issues persist and become eligible for protection under lemon laws.

Honda Lemon Law FAQs

How long does a California lemon law case take?

Once you notice your vehicle defect, you should ideally reach out to the manufacturer and try to reach an agreement. If both parties cannot come to an agreement, the case proceeds for trial. Typically, it should take around 90 days.

How long can a dealership hold your car for repair in California?

According to the law, you are entitled to file a lemon law case if the manufacturer has held your car for over 30 days without fixing the issue.

Do you need a lawyer for Lemon Law California?

Yes, you need an experienced lemon law attorney to file a lemon law case in California. They help you seek compensation, and you may even enjoy a free case evaluation.

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I purchased a vehicle, which I sold due to all the issues I was experiencing- I didn’t know you could still seek a lemon law claim without owning the vehicle anymore but Michelle informed me of my rights, and I was able to receive a reimbursement for my vehicle that was already sold! I could not be happier with the legal service Michelle and her team provided. Do not look any further, call CLL and see what she can do for you!

Honda Lemon Law FAQ

Vehicles covered under Honda Lemon Law

What vehicles are covered under California Lemon Law?

Honda lemon law answer

Under California Law – Cars, Pickup Trucks, SUVs, and vans all apply.

It also extends to dealer-owned vehicles, as well as the chassis, chassis cab, and drivetrain of motorhomes. Commercial vehicles are not covered.

Honda lemon law qualifications

Does My Vehicle Qualify As A Lemon?

Honda lemon law answer
You may qualify if your vehicle has been under repair for 30 days or more or if within the first 18K miles or first 18 months of ownership you have attempted twice to repair a potentially harmful/life-threatening malfunction (or four times for any non-harmful malfunction).
Honda lemon law time limit

How long do I have to file a Lemon Law complaint?

Honda lemon law answer

California Lemon Law imposes a four year deadline to file a Lemon Law claim.

The four year limit typically starts from when you first experienced warrantable problems with the vehicle.

Why hire Honda lemon attorneys

Why would someone need a lemon law attorney?

Honda lemon law answer

Hiring an attorney with experience dealing with Honda lemon law claims will help ensure that you get the justice you deserve. If you have a legitimate case, then hiring a lemon law lawyer could cost you nothing because your legal fees may be covered in your auto manufacturer’s warranty. Many Honda lemon lawyers work on a “fee-shifting” basis, which means you don’t pay them. Instead, after they’ve won your case, they send the bill to the manufacturer, who has to foot the bill for all legal fees incurred. Hiring an attorney could cost you nothing and support your case.

Honda lemon law question

What are some common cases in Lemon Law?

Honda lemon law answer

Some common cases warranting a lemon lawsuit include: defective airbags, molding in the air condition unit, antilock brake failure, transmission failures, body damage, damaged or broken brake pedal causing failure, ineffective or failing seatbelts, malfunctioning electronics and wiring, engine computer not functioning properly, cruise-control malfunctions, engine fire and failure, leaking in the fuel injection system, defects in the fuel line that could create fire and smoke damage, chipping and defective paint, power steering malfunctions, premature wear and tear on the brakes and rotor, steering pull as a result of a malfunction, engine stalling, sudden unintended acceleration.

Honda lemon law protections

What is protected by California Lemon Law?

Honda lemon law answer

The exact criteria vary from state to state but new vehicle lemon laws require that a manufacturer repurchase a vehicle that has a cogent defect that the manufacturer is unable to repair within a reasonable timeframe. California lemon laws take into consideration the nature of the problem with your vehicle, the number of days that the vehicle is unavailable due to repairing the reoccurring issue, and the number of times vehicle repair was attempted. The manufacturer could be obligated to buy back the defective vehicle if the repairs cannot be completed within the total number of days outlined in your state’s laws.

California lemon law for used cars

Does lemon law apply for used cars?

Honda lemon law answer

Each state has it’s own statutes detailing the intricacies of their lemon law policies. However, most states consider any vehicle a lemon if the car has a substantial defect, that is covered in the warranty, and occurs within a certain timeframe after the purchase of the vehicle. The vehicle must continue to have the defect after a reasonable number of repairs. If you think you’ve been sold a lemon please take your vehicle for repairs at the dealership where it was purchased because using another mechanic may void the warranty.

defective vehicle question

What rights do I have if my dealer or manufacturer knowingly sold me a defective automobile?

Honda lemon law answer

You have the right to sue your dealer if they weren’t forthcoming about past damages to your vehicle or if they intentionally misled you into purchasing a defective product. If you suspect your dealership or manufacturer of foul play, then speak to a California lemon law attorney at once about your case. If your car is considered a lemon, then you are entitled to a vehicle buyback or vehicle replacement.

Honda lemon law protections

Does California Lemon Law protect me if I purchased my car “as-is”?

Honda lemon law answer

California lemon laws will not protect the buyer of a product purchased without a warranty, like a vehicle purchased “as-is”. However, if you feel you were misled into waiving your warranty then you may still be protected.

car problems Honda

You Could Qualify for Reimbursement for Your Defective Honda Vehicle

Often, Honda doesn’t want you to know about the protections you have after purchasing a lemon, having the right team of attorneys in California to support you is how you can sweeten an otherwise sour deal.

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