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Ford Fusion Recall

Ford Fusion Coolant Leak Recall

| by Michelle Yang, Esq.

The Ford Fusion coolant leak recall has affected over 200,000 vehicles, causing concern and frustration for many owners. With reports of internal engine coolant leaks leading to severe engine problems, increased risk of fire, and even car fires, it’s no surprise that the auto manufacturer has been forced to address the issue.

Despite Ford’s efforts, it seems that they have been unable to fully resolve the problem, leaving many owners with lemons on their hands. If you’re an owner of a Ford vehicle with engine problems, you don’t have to deal with this alone.

Does your Ford Fusion have a coolant leak problem? You may be entitled to compensation under California Lemon Law. Contact Cali Lemon Lawyers today for a free consultation.

Ford Fusion Los Angeles

Ford Fusion Coolant Leaks

The Ford Fusion is a popular mid-size sedan available in various models such as the S, SE, Titanium, and Platinum. Unfortunately, owners have experienced persistent issues with internal engine coolant leaks. This issue causes coolant to leak into the engine, leading to costly repairs, decreased engine performance, and in severe cases, complete engine failure. The coolant leak is a significant problem for Ford Fusion owners, as it not only affects the reliability and safety of the vehicle, but it also has financial implications, with some owners reporting out-of-pocket expenses even after the vehicle’s warranty has expired.

Despite numerous complaints and calls for action, Ford Motor Company has faced criticism for not effectively addressing the issue and providing adequate support to affected owners.

Engine Coolant Problem

Some of the models that have been affected by the Ford coolant leak recall include the 2013-2018 Ford Fusion, 2013-2015 Lincoln MKZ, 2015-2018 Ford Edge, and 2017-2018 Lincoln Continental with 1.5-liter, 1.6-liter, and 2.0-liter EcoBoost engines.

If your Ford has an engine block and coolant leaking, stop driving it altogether. Take it to an authorized dealership or repair shop right away.

How to Know If My Ford  Has A Coolant Leak Problem

If you suspect that your vehicle has a coolant leak problem, it is important to take note of any signs or symptoms that may indicate an issue.

Engine overheating is one of the potential consequences of a coolant leak, but it is not the only indicator. To determine if your engine overheating is caused by a coolant leak, it is best to look out for the following symptoms: low coolant levels, a sweet odor in the cabin, visible coolant leaks, and increased engine temperature.

Keep in mind that not all vehicles experiencing these symptoms necessarily have a coolant leak problem. It is important to have your vehicle inspected by a professional to confirm the issue and determine the best course of action.

See If the Check Engine Light Came On

Engine Light Los Angeles

The first thing you need to do if you think you have an engine overheating issue is to see if the car’s check engine light is on. Some with affected vehicles noticed the car’s check engine light came on when the Ford Fusion started overheating.

Others have stated they got no warning of the problem, so it depends on how much the leak affects the car and how it does it. We recommend you see the check light on as a warning that your car may be suffering from that problem.

Take It to an Authorized Dealership

Although this may seem a little obvious, one of the most effective ways to know what the problem is, is by taking it to an authorized Ford dealership.

If they’re unable to address problems with your car after 2 or more attempts your should definitely contact a lemon law attorney who can help you receive compensation for your defective vehicle.

See If Any Smoke is Coming from the Car

Car smoke Los Angeles

If you see smoke coming from your Ford Fusion, you are most likely to have an engine overheating issue. However, one of the tricks to know if the problem comes from coolant leaked into the engine is checking the smoke’s color.

Some owners noticed the smoke coming from the engine was white and blue, which is different from what you would get if your car overheated out of nowhere or due to another issue. There are many reports of engine fires caused by this problem, so go to the repair shop as soon as you notice the smoke.

Is My Ford A Lemon?

If you are experiencing low coolant levels or overheating in your Ford engine, it may indicate a coolant defect in your vehicle. This defect can lead to engine failure, which could result in the need for a full engine replacement. Many Ford drivers have reported having to replace their engines out of pocket without any assistance from the automaker.

When a coolant leak occurs internally, the coolant can mix with the engine oil, leading to engine failure. This can increase the risk of a fire in your car. Symptoms of an internal coolant leak include overheating, smoke coming from the engine, a check engine light turning on, and cylinder head problems.

It is important to have your Ford inspected by an authorized service provider if you suspect a coolant leak issue. Driving a car with this issue can be dangerous, as the engine cannot cool down on its own. In some cases, there may be no warning signs that the engine is overheating or that antifreeze is leaking onto the engine block. To ensure the safety of you and your vehicle, it is best to address the issue as soon as possible.

Despite being outrageously expensive at times, having an engine overheating caused by coolant leaks is something that can be fixed. Not all cars with this issue need an engine replacement, but many of them do, so don’t be surprised if that happens. Fortunately, there are still many recall campaigns asking the Ford Motor Company to keep addressing this issue, so you could join those campaigns to see if the company can give you the compensation you deserve for the problem. Before doing so you may want to speak with one our of lemon law attorneys during a free consultation to determine if joining the campaign or filing your own claim would be the most lucrative route.

What Causes This Issue to Happen?

Causes coolant leak

The Ford Fusion coolant leak problem is caused by a variety of factors including issues with the engine’s cylinder head, oil cooler, and/or EGR cooler. In some cases, a failing cylinder head gasket can cause coolant to mix with engine oil, leading to engine damage. Additionally, a damaged oil cooler can result in oil being contaminated with coolant, leading to engine damage. Issues with the EGR cooler, which is responsible for reducing emissions, can also result in coolant leaks. These various factors all contribute to the Ford Fusion’s coolant leak problem, and the frequency and severity of these leaks vary from vehicle to vehicle.

The cost of repairing a coolant leak issue in Ford Fusion vehicles varies depending on the cause and extent of the damage. The coolant system in these vehicles is complex, consisting of various parts that can malfunction and cause leaks. For example, a minor leak in a simple part like a hose can be relatively cheap to repair, while a severe leak that has impacted the entire engine system can be very expensive to fix. It is important to identify the cause of the leak as soon as possible in order to avoid more extensive and costly damage to the engine.


Dealing with a defective Ford vehicle can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. However, there are options available to you to help resolve the issue and receive compensation for the problems you’ve encountered.

One of your best options is to file a lemon law claim. An individual claim can often result in more financial compensation compared to participating in a class-action lawsuit. To increase your chances of success, it is recommended to work with an experienced lemon law attorney who understands the complexities of the lemon law.

If you are experiencing engine overheating, engine failure, or coolant leaks, it is important to take action promptly. Driving a car with these types of problems can pose a serious safety risk and repairs can be costly. In some cases, Ford may not offer assistance to replace the engine. Cali Lemon Lawyers is here to help you hold Ford accountable for providing a safe and reliable vehicle.

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