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Chevy Impala Recalls

Chevy Impala Recalls

| by Michelle Yang, Esq.

There are many great features that make the Chevrolet’s Impala series an attractive buy. From optional vented heated passenger seats to a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knobs. However, many Chevy Impala owners find themselves researching recalls as a result of defects with their cars.

It is no secret that over the years Chevy’s cars have had their fair share of problems. A number of GM models have experienced issues that warranted safety recalls. The Chevrolet Impala has had 15 recalls to address safety issues involving several components.

In this article, we’ll detail every Chevy Impala recall conducted between 2016 and 2022, and share some useful information to help you determine if you qualify for compensation under the lemon law.

If you’ve purchased a defective Chevy Impala in California please contact Cali Lemon Lawyers to discuss your options for compensation.  We offer our services on a contingency fee basis, meaning there’s no fees unless we win!

Chevrolet Impala Recalls Between 2016-2022

Understanding recalls by browsing information on the internet isn’t always straightforward. The information is often confusing, and it can be challenging to make sense of it all. We’ve summarized important recalls in the section below.

2018 Chevy Impala Recalls

In 2018, a recall was issued for Chevy Impala vehicles because the rear brake caliper pistons had an insufficient powder coating, which can cause gas pockets to form. This can reduce the friction between the braking rotors, which affects the rear brake performance of the vehicle.

chevy rear brake issue

Recall Due To Insufficient Coating on the Rear Brake Caliper Pistons

A recall was issued in 2018 to bleed the affected vehicles’ braking systems. A reduction in a vehicle’s brake system performance could lead to a crash, which is why the recall was issued. GMC bled the brakes free of charge to remove the air pockets.

How Light Vehicle Brake Systems Work

Light vehicle brake systems play an important role in keeping passengers in the vehicle safe. Your vehicle’s pistons and brake pads can be found in the brake caliper.

Its function is to slow the axles of the vehicle down by friction that occurs between the braking rotors. When you hit the brakes, the caliper pushes down on the wheel’s rotor, preventing it from spinning.

Defect with Air Bag Inflator on the Driver’s Side

defective air bagsChevrolet Impala vehicles had two issues with their airbags. The first problem was with the inflator and the second was an issue with the passenger sensor module.

How Does an AirBag Inflator Work? 

The little steel canister inside the airbag module that stores a powerful propellant and an activator is known as an air bag inflator. An air bag module is a self-contained item that deploys when a collision sensor sends an electrical pulse to the inflator to signal that it needs to inflate the airbag. This helps protect the occupants of a vehicle in the event of a collision. 

Some Chevrolet Impalas were recalled because the inflator on the vehicle’s driver’s side could get damaged when deployed at a weld. Inflator fragments could injure vehicle occupants in the event of a crash. Damage to the air bag would cause it not to inflate fully, decreasing its ability to protect the driver in the event of an accident. The affected vehicles were recalled, and the airbag inflator module on the driver’s side was replaced.

Recall Due to Problems with the Airbag Sensing and Diagnostic Module

Aside from the airbag inflater issue, there were also problems discovered with the airbag sensors and diagnostic module. For these safety devices to work correctly, detect when crash occurs and deploy accordingly. The airbag inflator receives a signal that causes it to inflate the airbag cushion.

The airbag sensor problem is caused by a memory error that results in the airbag not deploying during an accident. To address the issue, a recall was issued that involved assessing and replacing these sensing and diagnostic modules in affected vehicles.

Recall Due to Issues with TRW Seatbelt Buckles

faulty seat belt buckleSeatbelts are another essential safety feature of any motor vehicle. Specifically, the seatbelt buckle plays an important role in protecting passengers. A poorly functioning buckle that has not been designed to handle the weight of a passenger is certainly a cause for concern.

Certain Chevy Impalas, light-duty pickup trucks, minivans, and sport utility vehicles were recalled because the TRW seat belt assemblies failed to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standards.

This was because the buckle base was not properly heat treated, which meant that they did not pass the load-bearing requirements. A recall began that required dealers to inspect the safety buckle assembly date and replace the defective parts if required.

Recall Due to Low Torque on Front Brake Calipers

low torque issueAnother issue found in the Chevrolet Impala vehicles was that the torque was less than stated on both the front brake calipers as well as on and the knuckle connection bolts.

The clamping load at the joints may not be sufficient to prevent motion between the knuckle and caliper bracket if the torque is incorrect. This could result in the locking of the impacted wheel during deceleration and sudden steering feedback in the direction of this locked wheel.

Other consequences include:

  • Reduced braking and strange noises from the affected wheel
  • Damage to a brake hose
  • Increased travel of the brake pedal
  • Poor steering control

A collision could result from a loss of braking performance or steering control and a recall was issued that required dealers to tighten the affected bolts to the appropriate torque.

Other minor issues with the Chevrolet Impala, such as problems with the front passenger seat frame, the power steering assist, and the front passenger air bag were also identified by the NHTSA, which warranted recalls.

What To Do If Your Chevy Impala Has Been Recalled

post recall stepsMany Chevy owners ask us whether they will need to pay to have their vehicle repaired if it has been recalled. The answer is no. When cars are recalled, it is because there is a manufacturing defect that the manufacturer is responsible for.

This means that manufacturers and dealers are required to rectify the issue at no cost to you. If your vehicle has been recalled, you should have been contacted by Chevrolet or your dealer. If your vehicle was leased or purchased in California, we can help you get maximum compensation under the lemon law. Contact our office for a free case evaluation.

What Does the Chevy Impala Recall Service Do?

If you’re unfamiliar with vehicle recalls as a first-time car owner or new driver, don’t worry! We’ve broken this concept down to help you understand what recalls are and what you can expect from the Chevy Impala recall service.

When a manufacturer (in this case, General Motors Truck Company or GMC) or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) finds that a car part, such as the braking system, has a defect, that could put the driver or the vehicle occupants in danger, a recall will be issued.

There are several safety standards that specify how a particular part must be manufactured, and if a component fails to meet these standards, a recall is issued.

The recall service will take cover the safety issue your Chevy Impala has. In many instances, a simple adjustment or the replacement of a defective component would fix the issue. However, you may have to leave your Chevy Impala with the manufacturer for a few days while awaiting parts or repairs.

You can use GM’s recall campaign number to find the recall for the affected vehicles, contact your dealer, or use your car’s VIN number to check for recalls on your vehicle.

What If You Have a Lemon?

Unfortunately, not all manufacturing defects are rectified through a recall. In these cases, it can put drivers in serious danger. If there are problems with the brakes and you lose control of the vehicle and crash, the consequences could be devastating.

This is why it is important to hold manufacturers accountable when they mess up. Many manufacturers put the burden of repairs on drivers’ shoulders, even when the problem was caused by a manufacturing defect. It is essential to file a lemon law claim in these cases.

If you have been back and forth with your dealer and manufacturer but have been pushed aside or ignored, you may have a lemon!

If you suspect that you may have a case, book a free consultation, and we will offer you legal advice at no cost to you.

California Lemon Law Attorneys For Chevy Impalas

If you have reported an issue and have received no helpful assistance from Chevrolet or your dealer, it may be time to take matters into your own hands.

By filing a lawsuit, you can ensure that the manufacturer takes responsibility for its actions and issues a recall on affected vehicles. If you’ve identified a potentially dangerous issue, it is important that you take action, as many other drivers’ and passengers’ lives could be at risk.

Give us a call to find out how we can help and make this process less stressful. At Cali Lemon Lawyers, we are dedicated to upholding the rights of vehicle owners and aren’t afraid to take on even the most prominent car manufacturers.

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